August 31 – September 1, 2012 : Flight and Geneva First Day

Note: Will contain bad grammar, bad writing, and a bad brief summary.

We flew from MSP to New Wark where our layover was delayed for an hour and 15 minutes. Our flight from NJ to Switzerland was about eight hours. I slept none on the plane, arrived in Geneva at around 8 in the morning, and then toured all day. After lunch, everyone fell asleep on the couch bus while our tour guide continued with the tour. When I awoke from my nap, it was raining, we supposedly was stuck in traffic, and our plan to go to Manor, a grocery store, to purchase chocolates was canceled. We finally came to our lodging place, John Knox center, and finally rested.

I brought my phone along to use as an alarm clock but it didn’t have any signals therefore I was unable to retrieve the time and date so my phone became useless: I brought it along for nothing! My iPod was still running on Minneapolis time and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have an alarm clock, so I panicked. With no way to contact my friends about where they were rooming, I went up and down the hall calling my friend’s name until she came out of her room and helped change the time zone on my iPod, thank goodness! Then after dinner, the globalites decided to explore downtown. It was late and everything was closed so we returned after a good hour of walking around.

Airport Bathroom (and bathroom everywhere else looks the same)

My room

The City

Old part of the city

Country Side (Vineyards)

First Swiss Dinner and Desert!

Geneva itself is a beautiful place! But I also made some observations: the people here are so well dressed: the guys are good looking and the ladies are pretty, I saw probably two overweight people (who are probably tourist ><), the children are SO well behaved, the roads are REALLY small, they are not loud at all, and you have to purchase a ticket to use public transportation but they don’t even check so you could basically ride the bus for free (we have a bus card so we travel free!)

Although I feel as if I’m still in MSP, every time people open their mouths to talk, I’m in awe because that really confirms the fact that I’m thousands of miles away from home. But no matter what, each time I look at the sky I feel at home because I am still under the same heaven! 🙂

And I’ve also had the chance to use the little French I know:

Merci beaucoup, Excusez moi, Au revoir.

-Au revoir,
♥ Thao


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