September 2, 2012 : Geneva Day 2: Adventures

 Besides today being our first day of class, I had a fun-filled adventurous day!

After class, the group came up with three options: 1) Go see the castle, 2) Climb the Alps, or 3) go to France. Instead of traveling as a large group, we formed three or four small groups. My group left to go get lunch first before doing any hiking.

So first, we went to a small convenience store and bought ingredients to eat lunch. We had a sort of picnic-like lunch by the lake. Then we went on the bus boat and realized that one of our mates didn’t have her bus card, so she bought one so we could return from the old city to the new part of the city. Funny story here, while we were crossing the street, a car stopped to let us through and one of the guy shouted,” If you like, you can take a picture!”

Swans in the lake!

Once we returned to the old part of the city, we walked through downtown to our bus stop and along the way we stopped by a chocolate shop where the lady “hired” me for like 5 minutes. She allowed me to pick out my own truffles! The chocolate was AMAZING, but expensive. I split 8 with a friend and our total was exactly 10 francs (approx. 10 USD), but well worth it!

We took bus 8 all the way down to Mont Salève, located in France, took a cable car up, hiked up to visit a monastery, and then returned (by cable car again while half of my group hiked down). The hike was so steep, I almost give up, but the view was totally worth the climb!

And a stalker photo I took because the moment was just too precious to not be captured!

For dinner, we went to Les Brasseurs and ordered a cheese fondue and another Swiss dish: beef cooked with potatoes and red and yellow peppers. The cheese fondue was DISGUSTING. Imagine spoiled cheese mixed with vodka and you have the one we had for dinner. It was…vomit-troucious! The meat dish was a tad better so the four of us shared that. And it was pretty pricey. We ordered two main entrees and a 0.5 liter of beer and our total was 59.90 francs (approximately the same amount in USD). We didn’t even eat the cheese fondue! But I regret nothing honestly. It was such a fun experience. When we walked in, the waitress spoke little English as well. The laughs, the memories, the experience was well worth the price we paid.

The Cheese Fondue… YUCK!

The slightly better dish.

They gave us a waiter who spoke English but he was impatient with us… -_-

Overall, day well spent. It was all filled with many adventures!!

Until then,
♥ Thao

I will upload youtube vlogs…maybe…internet connection here is not what we have at home. 🙂

BTW, this is what francs look like:

2 Fr. 1 Fr. ½ Fr. (0.50) and 10 cents.
There are also 5 Fr.
These are like $1, $2, and $5.


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