September 4, 2012 : Geneva Day 4 : Last day in Geneva, Switzerland

Below is a catalog in John Knox center that I kinda fell in love with. It is such a beautiful catalog!

Our second day at the UN started with a general presentation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) from Mr. Alexis Laffittan. Afterwards, Ms. Lauren Landis—director of the Geneva Liaison Office of the World Food Programme—gave a presentation on the United World Food Programme (WFP). 

Then we went on lunch break where I ate a sandwich, again, and took photos!

Our final talk was regarding the activities of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) from M. Jens Laerke, who is the spokesperson and public information officer of the department. This topic was extremely compelling.

After our schedules, we went to Manor again to purchase souvenirs and chocolates. Then we returned to the John Knox center for a surprise birthday party! The cake was awesome! 

I really wanted to try a macaroon so I bought just one because one costs 2,40 francs. So expensive but so yummy!

Chocolate I bought from Manor.

Cake and ice cream from the party!

Candy bars from a grocery store in the train station:

The group went out tonight to a bar to celebrate our friend’s 21st birthday. We ended our trip here in Geneva with a BAM! 

Night out, waiting for the group to arrive:

I saw this dog…it reminded me of Gaho…he was so adorable, I wanted to pet him so badly!!

Young Money!

My first drink from a bar, ever! Tequila Sunrise!

From the bar…advertisement for cigarettes, I think.

Unfortunately, after I got back and started to organize my suitcase, I couldn’t find my lock! I looked everywhere and checked my suitcase like three times!! ARGGG!! And my suitcase already have a hole in it. I’m worry that I’ll have to replace it soon!!! -_-

But on a positive note, I took some plastic forks from a convenience store and decided to keep them with me. I stuffed them in the upper pocket of my suitcase and when I reached inside, what did I find? A surprise that made my night!! Thanks, lil sis! I didn’t find it until tonight but it definitely warmed my heart. I love you! 

Our flight to Istanbul leaves at 7:00 AM, which means we have to be up and ready to leave by 4:45 AM. -_-

Last notes on Geneva:

What a wonderful city. I love Europe, just not its expensive lifestyle. The highlight of this town was definitely our second day here when we went to France and climbed the mountain, and then tried cheese fondue. It was definitely a Global Adventure: learning to navigate the city, using its public transportation, learning about its history, communicating, everything.

I don’t know what internet connection will be like in Turkey, so if I don’t post, I’ll get to it when I find connection. In Egypt we’ll have to go to Internet cafes. Please be patient! 🙂

Peace and love,
♥ Thao

Au revoir Geneva. Merci Beaucoup for a great time!


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