September 8, 2012 : Istanbul Day 4 : Bursa

The drive to Bursa took four hours to and back. We left at 7:45 AM and didn’t get back until around 9 PM. We went there to watch a shadow play that lasted about 30 minutes long. We had a lunch break and realized that Istanbul really ripped us off. The scarves there caused 5TL and meals were sooo much cheaper! Also, today is Devi’s birthday, so she wore a flower crown the whole day! 

Stalker photo of Elise

This bathroom seat roates 😀

1 TL cookies. YUM!

Red cross training at the square in Bursa

We had lunch here:
My meal only caused 7TL including drink.

This is the shadow show we saw:

Istanbul roomies!

We crossed the Marmara Sea by car ferry! Istanbul is in Europe and Bursa is in Asia. 😀 The water is a dark shade of turquoise. We were able to spot fishes and even jellyfishes too!

Istanbul at sunset

We went out to a very late dinner in a cafe. I had a class of wine (95TL a bottle split by everyone so I paid 8TL) and shared a vegetarian dish (roasted veggies) that was delicious!

Devi’s birthday was awesome! We had roof seating with the view of the fountain and both mosques: Sophia and Blue. It was beautiful. But the best part was they played really old American Songs including Everything I do, I do it for you, How Do I Live, and My Heart Will Go On! During My Heart Will Go On, there was fireworks, then a bunch of white birds flew and encircled the Blue Mosque. IT WAS SO AMAZING!! (Mostly because of the song since I’m a HUGE fan of Titanic!) 

We have our second class tomorrow then the rest of the day is a free day. I’m exhausted and need to rest and need to do laundry and stuff. We’ll see if I’ll have an adventure tomorrow! 

We’re going to the Black Sea Monday.

Take care,
♥ Thao   


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