September 12, 2012 : Cairo Day 2 : AUC

Our time in Egypt will be spent at the American University in Cairo (AUC). There are 5,500 undergrads here, in addition to a graduate program. 85% of the students are enrolled in the undergraduate program and are from Egypt.

Our residence hall is located on the old campus—but it’s really nice! The rooms are air-conditioned; bathrooms are big, and free washer and dryer on each floor. There’s an open courtyard, a gym, a clinic, and laundry service all in one place. It’s a really nice place overall. I’d imagined being in the middle of the desert but the area we’re in is just like any other neighborhood.  

Survival Arabic is our first class and it is INTENSE! That is all I have to say about the first class. Below are photos of my room. 

Free dinner and an event where my globalite friends and I participated in our first Egyptian dance. It was quite fun!

The courtyard decorated with lights for the event.

♥ Thao  


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