September 15, 2012 : Cairo Day 5 : mi∫ miyya – miyya

Mi∫ is pronounced mish, meaning not
Miyya is 100
Miyya-miyya is 100%
Therefore, mi∫miyya-miyya means not 100%
And that is how I felt today.  

I’m not sick, but I just didn’t feel well. The hives on my arms are not swelling anymore but they are still red and noticeable. I’m hoping that they’ll clear up by Monday – the latest. At one point I felt lightheaded, but it subsided quickly. I wasn’t nausea at all but it seemed as if food was crawling up my throat. My chest feels tight but I’m breathing just fine. All these weird feelings…

We had our third class session today with Professor Legler and our second and final Surviving Arabic course with Mona Kamel A. … Arabic is difficult to grasp, that is all I have to say.  

After class we walked around to a different part of the neighborhood, and I realized how dirty, dusty, and untidy the neighborhoods are. I’m not surprised, but because I was mi∫miyya-miyya, it was difficult to breath thus I noticed more. Some curbsides housed piles of trash with flies swarming over, dog stools are not cared for, and stray cats are everywhere. Each time the wind blew over, I felt like I was inhaling in dust, or sand, or whatever it is in the air. Furthermore, there are no stop signs making the streets extremely dangerous since the people here drive pretty fast down residential areas. What really struck me is that Egyptians use their horns A LOT! It’s not just a quick beep, it’s beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp, no kidding.  

Since I haven’t been using my camera, I decided to take pictures of some snacks I purchased from Metro, the local supermarket.

These cookies are delicious: flakey with a nutty and very light sweet taste. It’s a great snack!

I have no idea what this tastes like.

I have yet to eat Egyptian food (besides the social night). Last night we ordered Chinese and it was delicious, and for dinner tonight I had the Florentine Omelet from Euro Cafe again (what I had for lunch yesterday). I’m anticipating our excursion to the Pyramids of Giza, taking place on Tuesday, the 18th, and hoping that we’ll get a taste of Egyptian food then (and shopping!). Because we shouldn’t leave the island for safety purposes, I lack interesting adventures to share, not to mention the chance of seeing more of Cairo. It’s unfortunate. But I am excited for the excursions and can’t wait to share those photos and adventures!

♥ Thao  


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