September 27, 2012 : Cairo Day 17 : Bubble Tea and Big Bang

I was really looking forward to Professor John Swanson’s lecture about the Coptic Egyptians (Egyptians who converted to Christianity) today but because there are protests at the AUC in New Cairo, he was unable to attend lecture and therefore, class was canceled. The afternoon was spent with Paul Legler discussing the topic of poverty: What is poverty? Why we should be concern about it? What are the consequences of poverty for the poor and non-poor? are some of the topics we covered in class. 

I probably did the stupidest thing this afternoon: I got a black tea with milk bubble tea. I told myself I wouldn’t drink any milk beverages anymore in case of an allergic reaction again… but I totally got it because it was so tempting.
I was hoping for a Royal Tea taste but this bubble tea was so bland. I added sugar but it just didn’t do the trick. I am disappointed with this drink. It caused me 21 pounds. 

Also, I’m working on purchasing Big Bang tickets for the Alive Tour in Hong Kong but firstly, I tried making an account with the website listed on their Facebook page and it’s not working/allowing me to make an account. Secondly, I re-looked at the listed price of tickets and oh my gawd, I cannot afford seats. 

If you’re interested, here’s their Facebook page :
or purchase tickets here :

Please do let me know if you are going and if you were able to make an account with the second website. This is upsetting…

Anyway, we’re leaving for Alexandria in the morning for a three days two nights excursion. Again, I won’t be updating until I get back.

See you soon,


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