October 5, 2012 : Cairo Day 25 : Memphis and Saqqara

We visited Mit-Rahina and Imhotep Museum & Saqqara today.

Sphinx of Memphis

Statue of Ramses II : Limestone : New Kingdom 
This statue is HUGE!

Can you see the smoke?

Seems like an abyss.

This is the shawarma I mentioned in yesterday’s post. It is SO GOOD! There’s some kind of sauce in there, pickles, and chicken with tomatoes. The chicken is oily, the pickles add a sour kick to it, and it’s salty but not overwhelming and the bread balances out the sour and salty flavors. It’s delicious! If you are ever in Cairo, get it from Baraka on Zamalek. It costs 14 pounds for a large.

The free perfume container I got.

We had Thai food for dinner from Sabai Sabai. It’s definitely not as good as the ones back home but it’s still pretty decent food. I forgot what I got but it was spicy chicken with veggies. Doesn’t taste quite Thai, but it was good nonetheless.

Hope you’re all doing well,


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