Thailand Highlights 11/14 – 11/21

I was born in Thailand, and moved to the United States when I was four years old. After 17 long years, I came back to visit for only a week. When the plane flew into Bangkok, I knew I was in love with the city already and after only a week here, I really do love Thailand.

The Global group stayed in Bangkok overnight then my group of 8 flew out to Chiang Mai.

My friends and I were looking for something affordable but acceptable living conditions so we settled for the MD House in Chiang Mai. We found this hostel through the lonelyplanet website and the place have good reviews. We stayed there for five nights and it cost 3815 Thai Baht (about 130 USD) for two people so if you split that, it’s pretty cheap. MD House was about 15 minutes walk from the Night Bazaar, and five minutes walk away from the city wall, which a lot of shops and restaurants were located. Loco Elvis is a Tex Mex bar and restaurant located just down the street from the hostel so it was really convenient. The hostel has hot water, an outdoor pool, is air-conditioned, a computer lab, and a small gym. You can book excursions with P’Dang or ask about information regarding things to do in the city. She’s really helpful. Overall, MD House is pretty nice for the price we paid. If you are looking for something cheap and near the center of Chiang Mai, definitely consider MD House.

hostelworld’s website to book a reservation for MD House

lonelyplanet’s website

On our first night in Chiang Mai, we bought lanterns and wrote our wishes/bad omens on them and set them into the night sky. They were so beautiful!

My friend and I went to Chiang Mai Zoo and saw lots of cool animals like rhinoceros, black swans, a pelican, hippos, etc. I really wanted to go to an elephant nature park but we couldn’t fit it into our schedule and the tiger sanctuary was really expensive including transportation to spend only 15 minutes with them so we didn’t go. Although that was the case, I was able to feed the elephants and saw so many cool animals so I’m pretty content with that.

This was in McDonalds. What’s the difference between tomato and American Ketchup?

The City Gate

I didn’t remember to take a street view of the Night Market and Sunday Market but these two markets are HUGE, and I do not exaggerate when I say that. Here are random photos of things sold at the market.

I also did a Doi Suthep and Doi Pui excursion. Doi Suthep is a temple and Doi Pui is the Hmong/Meo Hilltribe village five minutes away from the temple. I am Hmong so I was extremely excited to visit the place but the village was super commercialized and not authentic at all, but I was able to hold a pretty long and good conversation with two Hmong elders there, and that was one of the main reasons why I really wanted to visit the village.

On our way there, I felt almost giddy to hear our tour guide give background information about the Hmong people because I don’t hear much about us. After visiting the village, I was able to spot out Hmong people in the city, and even bargained with a Hmong seller at the Sunday Market.

On our last day in Chiang Mai, we zip-line through the rain forest and that was SO AWESOME. I had no idea what to expect but I loved it. I used to think that I was scared of heights but I’ve been doing a lot of crazy things that proves otherwise, like hot-air balloon ride, night parasailing, and now zip-lining. We also hiked to see the waterfall.

We ended our vacation with a BAM. I did everything I wanted to do (with the exception of resting) but I love Thailand. We’re leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow morning already, but Thailand will always have a special place in my heart, and I will come back someday soon!

Much love,


Just because. 🙂


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