December 7, 2012 : Hong Kong Day 17 : 1,000 Buddhas

I, unfortunately, thought that I forgot my camera back at the hotel–when it was in my backpack all along–so I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the 1,000 Buddhas Monastery. It was also closed by the time we got there but we still climbed all the way up to the gate, which was locked. I was going to Google some images to put on here but because we weren’t able to go inside the monastery, I didn’t recognize any of the photos on Google so I didn’t want to post anything I haven’t seen on here. It was still really cool nonetheless since the stairway up was lined with countless Buddhas.

The monastery is about five minutes walk away from the Sha Tin MTR station. 

I haven’t seen the sun since we left Thailand. I don’t remember when I took this photo, maybe two days ago, but it was the first time I saw hints of sunlight. The night before I also saw the moon. I’d completely forgotten about it, honestly. I just naively thought that the moon wasn’t out, when truth is, it’s hidden behind the clouds.
Apparently, the bad weather thus far is from a typhoon nearby.
And I took this last night. I absolutely love the view outside my window.
I cooked this for dinner tonight. It’s basically boiled chicken with greens.
I don’t think I’ve ever cooked meals like this before at home. I mean, I cook, just not this type of cooking. My mother usually cook stuff like this but since I’m so far from home, it’s been over 3 months since I ate home cooked meals like this, and because I’m on my own, I learn how to survive. My eldest sister had said to me a few days ago, “OMG you’re all grown up now. I still treat and worry about you like you’re still a little girl.” Quite frankly, as much fun as I am having here, I wouldn’t mind being young again. Groceries are so expensive, LOL.
But seriously, during our St. Olaf class, we usually do check ins where we share something about ourselves or observations or things like that and our professor asked us to share about how we’ve changed or grown since September. 
I pondered this question after class and realized how much I’d grown. Usually, people start knowing who they are and what they want in life either during late high school or somewhere in the middle of college. Well, perhaps not entirely know what they want but they know their grounds and who they are. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I have no idea where I’m going in life, who I am, what I want, etc. But during the course of this trip, I realize that I’d grown so independent; to a certain extent, I know what I want in life; I have a sense of who I am and my morals, values, and people that I want to surround myself with. In short, Global thus far have helped me realize who I am and who I want to strive to become.
But still, I’m not completely honest. In the time that I spent in Hong Kong, I’d realize how unhappy I am with my life. I mean, I’m happy, it’s just that I ALWAYS want more. In high school it was, “I want to go to a good four year college.” I get that. In college, “I want to go abroad.” I go abroad. While abroad, “Okay, great, I’m here. What more can I do? I need to do more.” I REALLY need to learn how to be content so I can finally be satisfy, and perhaps even happy.
But if I were to completely spill my heart out, I’m doing a lot of these things so I can give my mother something to brag about. There’s another whole background story to all the things I’m doing, and that, I may never share on here. But it doesn’t matter, because I still need to convince myself that I’m doing all these things for me. If not for me, then what’s the whole point of any of this?
I talked about this with my friend and she asked me, “You’re doing a lot of these things for other people. What about yourself? What do you want?”
What do I want?
That’s my secret.

Those thoughts aside, Global visited Switzerland, Turkey, Egypt, India, Thailand, and now Hong Kong. I loved each and every of these country, and I thought I could live in Thailand but when we step foot on Hong Kong, I fell in love and I definitely can live here. I’m also working for my TEFL certificate and wanted to use this trip to help me decide where I would want to work after graduation. I initially thought I wanted to go to South Korea but that idea would have to wait until I get there. Until then, I wouldn’t mind living in Hong Kong.

Enough of my random thoughts. I bought Thailand Logans from ParkNShop. They’re good, but they’re not sweet.

Well, that’s all I have.
I hope you don’t mind my random thoughts and writings and stuff. I don’t know, I feel like I should do more personal writing like that and I personally like it since I dedicate more time to blogging than journaling.

Also, sorry, but Big Bang is back in town so I’m gonna go and shatter alone.


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