December 8, 2012 : Hong Kong Day 18 : AsiaWorld-Expo and SKY100

So against my better judgement, I decided to go to AsiaWorld-Expo–the venue where Big Bang is holding their concert–even though I was ticketless. Why? I have no idea. I just wanted to so I went. It was pretty stupid on my part ‘cause that just made me sad. I mean, I was there late in the afternoon and the concert didn’t start ’till probably seven so Big Bang probably wasn’t even there yet…or if they were, we were only walls apart. But whatever the situation, I was only a ticket short of seeing them. Stupid stupid stupid. Anyway, I guess it was kinda cool to see the place.


I bought this cake at the venue. It’s passion fruit and coconut cake and it was the most delicious cake I’d ever have.

After the venue, I ended up in Elements Mall in the Kowloon MTR station. I initially wanted to check out Avenue of Stars in Kowloon but ended up spending all afternoon and evening in the mall. The place was just filled with expensive stores and I loved it. I’m too poor to afford any of these names but I did get to touch Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana stuff and OMG the Alexander McQueen stuff were SO SOFT. Anyway, more photos of expensive stuff I may never be able to afford!

I used to be really not into stuff like this and called people who indulged themselves with expensive stuff materialistic but I guess I changed: I’m materialistic now…actually, maybe I’m not even that since I can’t even afford any of these stuff. It’s whatever. I love it. 😀 

G-Dragon solo albums!

And food:

Sky100 was in the mall. It was SOOOO COOL. The ticket cost 150HKD for adults.
I wish my camera was able to capture the amazing picturesque signature Hong Kong skyline but these were some of the best photos of the bunch I took. If you want really good ones, Google has some, LOL. But at least now I’ve done the one thing I really, really looked forward to in Hong Kong: Seeing the skyline!

I’m not sure which building Sky100 is in but I’m guessing it’s the tallest one.
Streets of Kowloon.

The train just goes on and on and on. I wish this pictures would do justice to how cool the train looked.

I got these free things from the venue. 


Apparently, today is Global’s 100th day.
Happy 100th day! 🙂 


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