December 17, 2012 : Hong Kong Day 27 : Star Avenue

Monday was the last day of class! We leave Saturday morning so we have five free days to explore and have fun! After class, I went out to do some shopping at the Ladies’ Market and checked out the malls in the area. There are literally malls everywhere, no joke.

Lunch from Korea House in the mall off of Mong Kok MTR.

I didn’t take any pictures of the market or malls since I already posted pictures of the ladies’ market in a previous post.
After shopping, I was able to cross off another thing on my Hong Kong bucket list: Star Avenue! Honestly, it’s not all that exciting. I recognized very few of the actors/actresses but if you’re not into Chinese movies then it’s kind of pointless. HOWEVER, I would still recommend the place because the walk along the harbor is BEAUTIFUL. If you love cities and skylines then I would suggest taking a stroll down the avenue. It was still really fun.


I was craving a burger so my friends and I stopped at Sha Tin to eat Triple-O’s. It’s a Canadian burger store. It satisfied my cravings.

It’s been months since I had Heinz!


*You can easily locate Star Avenue off of East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR.


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