December 18, 2012 : Hong Kong Day 28 Pt. 1 : 10,000 Buddha

I went to the 10,000 Buddha Monastery before but it was closed. So today I took the afternoon to visit the monastery again by myself. First of all, when I was already half way on the trail, it started to rain, and I didn’t bring an umbrella. I wasn’t going to turn back so I hiked up in the rain, visited the place in the rain, and hiked all the way down in the rain. It wasn’t so bad since it was light rain but my hair was WET, and today was COLD. I enjoyed my time there, regardless of the weather. It was so peaceful, calm, and quiet.

This symbol was used thousands of years before Hitler even got to it. I’ve seen so many of it in India, Thailand (??), and now here. I can’t remember what it means but it’s associated with Buddhism. 


10,000 Buddha Monastery–a calm and peaceful getaway from the bustling and busy life of the city. Located, ironically, in the midst of the city. Take Sha Tin MTR, exit the station, take a left, follow the ramp down, take another left across the parking lot, and just follow the trail up. 

So after the monastery, I was wet and cold, and ended up in some home furnishing mall with an IKEA so I went to IKEA. 😀

And bought a pork and cabbage bun for $4.5 HKD in Sha Tin plaza.imageimage

And now for part 2!


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