December 18, 2012 : Hong Kong Day 28 Pt. 2 : The Peak

Another thing off my bucket list: The Peak

To get there, exit Admiralty MTR station. Walk to the bus terminals and take bus 15 to the peak. It cost 9.80 for the bus ride. 

Bank of China Hong Kong Tower

Double-decker. My friends and I rode on the upper deck on the way back from The Peak.

Victoria Harbor View
And if it isn’t obvious enough, I freaking love the Hong Kong skyline, or this city in general. These city lights shine like diamonds.

The 360 Observational deck with the tram ride below. I have no idea where the tram goes or if this deck is free. My friends and I were short on time since we had to take the bus back and catch the trains before they stop running. The line for the tram was super long, and we were also really cold, so we opted out. It would’ve been fun but we were also looking over the harbor from a deck and it was free! Now I saw the skyline from both ends of the city: SKY100

It was really cold up there so we had Pho for dinner.
Summer rolls

This summer roll is awesomely delicious. It has mango, avocado, ginger, and soft shell deep fried crab. Weird combo, but delicious.
Coconut pineapple ice cream

Le Petit Prince


View from the upper deck


What a fun day!

I’m in a dilemma about Macau. I’d wanted to go there since before the trip started but now I’m broke, and there’s still a lot of things I want to do in Hong Kong. If I spend a day in Macau, then it’s one day less in Hong Kong. I still have errands to run before we leave too. I just feel like I need all the time I can get here, but I really want to go on the gondola ride in Macau too. IDK… what do you think, guys?


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