December 19, 2012 : Hong Kong Day 29 : Museums

I’m not a fan of museums. However, Wednesdays are free admission days to seven of the many museums in Hong Kong. Today, I went to the Hong Kong Space Museum. Personally, it wasn’t all that exciting. There was a moon walk experience exhibit but I didn’t try that, and I don’t know how exciting the astronomy exhibit would be because I went to the main exhibit, walked my round, then left. Why did I leave so soon? Because I was super excited for the Andy Warhol exhibit in the Art Museum!


The general art museum was free, but because Andy Warhol was a special exhibit, it wasn’t. But it wasn’t expensive though because today’s Wednesday and because I’m a student, I only paid 5 HKD. It was so worth the five bucks!

You take a picture from the screen below then your photo is shown on the screens to the right. I took one and waited for like five minutes but my picture never showed up so I just left.


I hung out in the TST area for a while, wandering. And I obviously, if you haven’t figured out already, freaking love the Hong Kong skyline–day and night!

I didn’t go on the ferry. It was an hour wait and 80 HKD and I was hungry, tired, and cold so I opted out.


High-end brand name stores for children.


There’s a line outside of the Chanel store with a worker with a clipboard in her hand. Intense stuff. People are so rich here. Everyone has something from somewhere expensive.


1881 Heritage

Milk cream and coconut bun from a bakery. So yummy.



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