January 11, 2013 : FOOD

Banana Milk and _____ [IDK what that is]

Spicy beef

I don’t know what these stuff are called but they were cheap from GS25 so I bought them for lunch. It’s basically a rice triangle with some sort of side thing. It’s not bad. The banana milk, though, I have to get use to.

Dinner from a restaurant in Sinchon
Side dishes 
Pork cutlet stew : YUM!

And for desert we went to White Cafe [about five minutes walk from the train station toward Taco Bell] and got ice cream/frozen yogurt waffles. SOOOO GOOD!

Another night’s dinner from Flower Cafe [I think] down the street from Yonseiimageimageimageimage
Kimchi Chigae

Kimbap from the same restaurant 

Jeon Ju is known for their bi bim bap so we had that for dinner when we arrived. Bi Bim Bap is a rice dish mixed with all sorts of vegetables, sometimes an egg, and sometimes meat. 

Mushroom stew

I apologize for the lack of updates. Our schedule here is pretty pack with little free time to explore the city and we’re also working on our final projects so I’m doing my best. I hope you’re all doing well!

Thao 타오 


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