January 18-19, 2013 : Seoul : National Museum of Seoul, Nanta, Buddhist Temple, and Ulzzang 24

January 18, 2013
We visited the National Museum of Seoul on Friday. This is probably the biggest and nicest museum I’ve ever visited. I’m not a museum type of person and after seeing so many museums on this trip, I was pretty…‘tired’ of museums but this was definitely a great one.

Golden Crown

Interior of the museum

A really cool pot that tilts as you walk around it

Nanta show : Hilarious, entertaining, fun.

January 19, 2013
Buddhist Temple
Everything about this temple was just unexpected. First, they made us all change into uniforms. Then we received a lecture about Buddhism for about 45 minutes to an hour–STANDING UP. After that, we did some breathing meditation exercises, which was fine, but after the meditation, we did 108 bows–or the prostrate position where your knees, hands and elbows, and forehead are touching the mat. And we literally bowed 108 times, repenting for things such as believing that my sense of smell is the right one. It was ridiculous. I thought that the philosophies and reasons to do this is great and I really liked it, but I just did not appreciate being expected to do such practice. Then we made lotus flowers out of tissue paper petals and a cup. It was fun. And one more thing, for dinner, they said to only take what you can eat ’cause you have to eat everything you place in your bowl. I liked that. Anyway, below are photos from the day.

And after the temple, some friends and I wanted to take pictures in a photobooth type thing so we found this Ulzzang photo sticker place in the area and tried it out. It was so, so fun!


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