January 20, 2013 : :D

I saw this building.
And I am happy. 

Beautiful existence across from YG

After YG, we went to Itaewon to check out the place, then to SM, JYP, and Cube. After that, we stopped by Gangnam since we were in the area anyway. Then we came back to Sinchon for dinner. imageimage

Apgujeong [SM, JYP, and Cube area]
Apgujeong is across the Han River and the area south of the river is technically in Gangnam because it means south of the river.


SM Town is below. We missed it because the building was getting renovated so there’s this huge ‘thing’ blocking the sign. The first picture is the back of the company and the second one of the white nothingness is the front. 

After seeing three of the biggest record label companies, I was so shocked that they were so…can I say, janky [with the exception of YG ’cause I’m bias and also ’cause the building is really new]? They’re small, in random places, and…janky. I mean, they fit recording studios and dancing studios all in these places? I kinda wish they would provide bigger and better buildings for artists/idols that they work so hard. … But, it’s whatever. I’m YG bias and YG artists have it pretty good. They have an awesome building that’s only TWO stops away from where I am and it’s also NORTH of the river and it’s awesome and YG is great and I love YG and I want to work for YG!! 😀 😀 😀

Anyway, next stop Gangnam.image

We took a random exit so I guess we weren’t in the ‘cool’ part but it was whatever. We were pretty tired by the time we visited Gangnam so it wasn’t such a big deal. The first thing I spotted was Jamba Juice and it reminded me of home and I wanted it so we just got Jamba Juice and left. Yup…I step foot in Gangnam.


Back to Sinchon
We had dinner in this all you can eat meat BBQ place right by Bar Fly in Sinchon. It was 8,000 won per person for all you can eat–super cheap–and good!

That’s all for today.
It’s our LAST Sunday on Global and it was well spent.
Happy Sunday,
Thao 타오


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