Streets of Busan

I really enjoy long aimless walks in South Korea because there’s so much to see, so much to do, and so much to eat. The streets are lined with stores, everything from convenience stores to beauty stores to street food, ice cream shops, and even arcades. There’s always something new to explore.

Below are street view photos of Busan, including Nampo, Seomyeon, and some residential areas.

In the evening, the seas of signs light up illuminating the dark alleyways. People come out to socialize over a meal, drinks, and perhaps a bit of noraebang (karaoke) afterwards. Others enjoy the company of their partner over an iced Americano in one of the many trendy cafes. Company dinners run late into the evening, most likely because work ended late.

Here are a few random shots of shops, restaurants, or cafes. To go along with trendy cafes, even the designs and decors are aesthetically pleasing.

Lovely dried-flower shops.

Quiet residential streets and persimmon trees.

As I go through my photos and write blog posts, I’m reminded of how wonderful Busan was. I had such a lovely time there and really enjoyed having my friend show me around her city. For awhile, I haven’t had a trip where I wasn’t the person in charge of navigating and it felt great to be able to follow instead of being responsible for not getting lost.

This post wraps up my Busan series. Up next, I’ll be covering some highlights from my time in Seoul.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Streets of Busan

    1. I haven’t actually seen dried flower shops anywhere else, but they were super trendy in SK when I was there. They were sold in stores and cafes were filled with them from floor to ceiling. But they are so lovely that who would mind? 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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