Hangang Park, Hanuel Park, and Cheonggyecheon Stream

Hangang Park
We made a pit stop at Hangang Park while on our way to meet a friend at Haneul Park. I wanted to spend more time exploring Hangang Park and to bike around but we didn’t have enough time to do everything.IMG_3766IMG_3639IMG_3655IMG_3677IMG_3722IMG_3746IMG_3783

Haneul Park
IMG_4163Haneul Park was enchanting. It is filled with endless pampas grass, sunflowers, beautiful Cosmos, and even windmills. As a bonus, you get a great view of Seoul and the Han River.

It sits on the highest point of the World Cup Park and is one of the five parks in the area. You can either climb the 291 steps to reach the top or take a car up. If you choose to take the car, you’ll have to purchase a ticket for the car and wait in a really long line. The climb isn’t bad at all so if you’re able-bodied, opt for the stairs.


And now I present the pampas grass field from every angle. Enjoy!IMG_4166IMG_4173IMG_4175IMG_4187IMG_4196IMG_4203IMG_4206IMG_4210IMG_4214

Cheonggyecheon Stream
And of course, I have to visit the ever so popular Cheonggyecheon Stream.

There are so many more parks and even hikes that I want check out but they’ll have to wait until next time. Until then, these two parks are great and I would definitely recommend checking out Haneul Park. If you’ve ever been to Haneul Park or are planning on going, please let me know. I’d love to see your photos!


하늘 (hanuel) translates to SKY in English.


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